Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Would the Moose Do?

When our friend Rob was here, and we needed to clear a path through the willows, Rob blurted out, "What would the moose do?" and then steamrolled his way straight through the heavy brush.

Well, today, on the first day of hunting season, one of the guys here from Florida checked a camera he'd put near one of his hunting spots and found out that the moose likes to lie in the wallow where he expected to see elk.

Unfortunately, though, a moose tag is pretty rare in these parts, so he can't hunt the moose, and likely needs to move a bit to find a better elk spot with the moose taking up residence in that hole.

I spent the afternoon going around with Sid after he'd set up the hunters. At one point we ascended to a point that seemed like it was the top of the earth. There was a spectacular view of one of the valleys we fish. I'd love to share it with you, but I left my camera battery at the lodge so you'll have to take my word for it.

I've been really fascinated by the preparation that goes into the hunts and the little nuances I'm learning about are really pretty incredible. It really is amazing how your senses can become so attuned to your surroundings, especially in an effort to understand all the conversations that take place around the lodge on a daily basis. I find myself noticing wind direction and sounds more consistently now after continually hearing what an important role both play in the hunt.

Fishing the last few days has been great. Lots of big fish. I caught a few nice ones today in the hour or two I was out. The gentleman I fished with had his best day since he arrived, including this great fish.

Yesterday I felt like I'd never been on the water before and though I only fished for about an hour, managed to miss about 8 different strikes from some nice fish, but it was a beautiful day and the fellas I was with had very nice days in one of our favorite and most picturesque spots.

The day before, after catching a bunch of large fish, one of the lodge guests fed a hungry horse that was hanging out by our truck some Sour Cream and Cheddar Potato Chips.

How do you think the horse responded?



The Moose said...

Well, I'm glad to see the memory of The Moose is alive and well. I assure you I am not wallowing AND that I would love to be there wallowing!

Simply great picture of that horse. I didn't know Mr. Ed retired to Idaho!

I heard from little Ricky so I know he and Cindy are on the road to recovery. GREAT NEWS!

Please give my best wished to Elk boy and the Elk family...

Your's truly,

The Moose

Anonymous said...

you didn't tell me that you took a pic of cind.....nevermind