Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Far, So Good...

The doctor's advised my dad that my mom's surgery went as well as it could have today. The fact that the doctor walked out at 3 hours and 15 minutes to tell him this after initially advising that the surgery would be a minimum of four hours freaked everyone out a bit, but fortunately it was all good news. They're expecting a day or two in ICU, and then 10 days to two weeks in the hospital to recover.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers. It means a lot.

Craig, Sid and I fished today for a bit, and I can say that all of my thoughts, along with my luck, were with my mom (for which I'm not complaining at all). Was a tough day of fishing. I stepped on my line at every turn, had a hard time casting all morning, and then when I finally got a little casting rhythm, seemed to pull the hook on every fish that tried to take my fly. I ended up catching a couple of little guys, but overall, pretty slow.

As for the rest of life, well, I figure it's only rained about 4 of the 40 or so days that I've been out here, and each time it's rained, it was needed, and I woke up the next day to a bright and shiny morning. Right now, I'm drinking a Bloody Mary, we're about to head to town for cheeseburgers and an "Angelina Jolie dodges bullets in a skin tight suit flick," so really, how can I not have a bright outlook.

And "Cheers" to a bright and sunny morning tomorrow.

Be well all.

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