Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tales Wil be Told.....

...because there are tales to tell, but once again, I'm wonderfully exhausted from another day of hiking and fishing. So, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here you go:

Sid, Rob, and Rick over "The Pass"

A nice fish Craig caught just after being released.

Fish food.

A shot Craig snapped of me....

...in what feels like "our own little Idaho" to quote the Bodeans. (And yes, that's me on the stream lower left)


Anonymous said...

Hi!!!!! We are still in MA. You are enjoying a week of beautiful scenery and self introspection and I have been drinking mucho cervesas w/ Sharon by night and participating in many childrens activities by day. I am not sure who wins!!! Miss ya, my Boston accent is "wicked bad!" Ann

Ren said...

You look serene and happy and well, kinda hot.

Not temperature wise.

Idaho agrees with you.