Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lazy Day

Which was probably pretty good for me, because my nerves are a bit shot with thoughts of my mom and a few other things rattling around in my brain.

Craig, Sid and I headed to Pocatello today to run some errands. I hit one of the fly shops and refilled my flybox.

Hoppers are usually the "go to" pattern in this area, but we're getting into the heart of hopper season now, so my fly box is loaded with nearly all terrestrial patterns, mostly hoppers, some ants and crickets for a change of pace (I think the black can be very effective most any time) and a few stimulators.

I've had most of my success this year with the lower profile patterns that are on the right side of my fly box, which is pictured above, but often, we'll find that the bigger fish will jump on the bigger meals, so I've started to keep more of the "big uglies" that are pictured on the left side.

Had a coed softball double header tonight, where we took the first game, and then proceeded to get worked 24-3 in a 3 inning mercy rule by a team that hadn't won a game this year. Such is life, I guess. At least the sunset over the mountains was pretty to watch as we were getting smoked.

Thanks to all who have expressed well wishes for my mom. I know that we'll be heading out to the water early to check out a few spots tomorrow, and I'm definitely looking forward to it, but I know my focus will be elsewhere tomorrow.

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