Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun, Fun and More Fun

My day got started as I headed down to breakfast and saw Rob was gonna have Cheerios instead of eggs and ham. I of course had to grab him the Cheerios Children's Book that Wendy brought Sid's daughter so that Rob could have some mental stimulation during breakfast.

Kids' games, breakfast, and somehow countless dirty jokes later we were getting our gear into the car and set to go fishing. I get all my stuff and the lunch loaded, and as Rick's loading his stuff, I look up just in time to see him shudder and hear him mumble "Man that was a big fish."

Clearly we were ready for another beautiful day.

We ended the day with more jokes, laughter, and a night of stargazing. Rob and Craig were seemingly challenging each other as to who could spot the next satellite moving across the sky. Yes, it's so clear and dark out here you can see satellites in orbit. I saw two shooting stars in the matter of about thirty seconds that were spectacular as well.

Sandwiched in between our nonsense we managed to catch some fish as well. I caught one that might rival the smallest fish of the summer that I posted yesterday, and a few nices ones as well. I think there are a number of pictures of each of them, but they weren't taken with my camera, so hopefully I'll get them and maybe post one or two tomorrow.

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