Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still Can't Master Self Photo

The guest who was supposed to arrive yesterday didn't come until this evening, so I was fishing on my own today while Sid was with his friend Todd. He and his wife Kim provided the boat while we were at the lake yesterday. Kim also made breakfast this morning, Stuffed French Toast with Huckleberry and Raspberry filling. Very tasty.

Anyhow, I was at a very peaceful spot. Slow moving, nearly stagnant water with very large pools. A bit different than all of the other water that I've fished since I've arrived. Rather than floating the fly in a normal drift, I was casting the fly to a spot, and then trying to skate it across the water similar to the way a grasshopper would.

I ended up catching 15 fish today. A few nice ones, but it was certainly different. I saw a lot of neat takes, though, as there was pretty good visibility, and the water was glassy calm. I found that in these conditions, you get very attuned to every little "plop" sound and every flash or subtle push in the water, let alone a full blown rise.

No pictures, unfortunately, as I couldn't get any by myself, but overall, a pretty enjoyable day.

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