Monday, August 25, 2008

Calm Before the Storm....

...but I can't wait. The past couple of days have been slow as some expected guests aren't arriving until the beginning of the week, and the other guests had already left, but it was a nice breather before the last big fishing week and the first two weeks of hunting season come. There'll actually a few fisherman here during hunting season for the first time, so that'll be fun, too.

Yesterday morning I had to run and get more of our magic flies from the shop in Pocatello. They only had 18 total, so Sid and I split them up and we'll hopefully use them carefully over the next week. Sid fished in the morning with a guest, and then I swapped with him and fished the last two hours of the day. I ended up watching the guest catch 8 two-pound or better fish in that 2 hours. It was an awesome afternoon.

Saw "Mummy 3" last night, and left convinced that 15 yr old girls must breathe through their eyelids, because I know the two down the row from me didn't stop talking long enough for a breath.

Then, stopped at the bar next door, and have never been more scared in my life. There was an 80's party, with very large women dressed like "Material Girl" Madonna, and a heavy set guy wearing a Member's Only jacket zipped down to the belly button with no shirt and a "Flock of Seagulls" hairdo. I drank my drink in about 3 minutes and left as I thought I could handle it, but really got pretty freaked out by it.

Spent today cooking chili, and chopped most of the ingredients for a soup that I'll make tomorrow and freeze a good portion of each so that there'll be some ready made meals around for hunters who get back late.

Picked Craig up in Jackson Hole after that, and arrived back to the lodge about midnight. Time to get some shut eye and get ready for a great week of fishing.

I do want to report that my mom has gotten over to the rehab facility from the hospital and sounds stronger every day, which is great.

I'd like to also wish the very best to Cindy and Little Rickey. Good luck tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.


The Moose said...

Well, I'm glad to hear the update on your mom. I'll reach out to little Ricky and offer my wishes and support too.
As for the bar, MAN am I glad this didn't happen while I was there. Did you take any photos?

Jeffrey Dickman said...

I thought about taking a photo, but I was literally afraid.

Alex and his buddy Jake were hanging around outside for a bit, and I saw them when I was leaving. They said about 15 minutes later there was a fight and the cops came.

Good times.