Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blowin in the Wind

Well, it's been awfully windy the past few days, but if the answers to life's questions are in that wind, I haven't caught up with them yet.

Fortunately, though, despite the super breezy conditions that often make casting such light tackle more difficult, the fishing the past two days has been pretty good, and everyone seems to be having a great time. The couple I fished with yesterday enjoyed themselves very much, and caught a couple of nice fish. We also had a pool to remember with a few big bites that left us all laughing and smiling at the end, despite not landing "the big one."

Fortunately, the two guys I was out with today not only landed "the big one" but they each landed multiple great fish in at two separate parts of the river. I on the other hand missed it all as I was back and forth with lunches and trying to spend a little time in each spot. The tales were great though, and each reiterated a number of times what a great day they had, and we only fished about 4 hours, so that was very exciting.

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep busy. I've gotten back to working out in the mornings, and am trying get myself in a continuous rhythm of getting up and going to the gym. Played softball yesterday, racquetball today, and there's another softball game tomorrow.

As for which way the wind will blow me at the end of the definitely seems to be swirling.

Continued good wishes to our friends in the ATL. Sounds like the surgery couldn't have gone any better, and hopefully the recovery will be the same. My mom's rehab is continuing slowly but surely. She'll likely be there for a while longer than she'd hope to be, but she and the physical therapist both feel like she's making progress.

Be well, all.

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