Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Silver Strike Queen...

...shall be Kari's new nickname. She's improved immensely in the last few times we've play at the local "Redneck Bar" pool hall, and she whooped me pretty good (yes, I suck) three straight games last night. I rallied in the fourth, but I think she just tired out. (Silver Strike is video bowling similar to Golden Tee machines, for those that don't know)

And thus ended a fun night out for what I believe to be the final of Ann's handful of going away parties. (Ann, Steve and Jaime head out next Sunday and close their new house on Monday. Good luck!) Last night was most of the New Town Bistro regulars, along with a number of Ann's coworkers from New Town and Big Shotz Tavern.

Back to work for me this morning. Investigating whether or not I'll be travelling to Cincinnati next week for a meeting. Kari's having lunch with Jaime and Ann at Jamie's school today, and then I'll take Kari to the airport tonight to head back to Jacksonville.

Was a nice extended weekend.

Be well all.

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