Thursday, June 12, 2008

SHIP IT!!!!!

Ship it!... the slang poker phrase many started throwing around when you win a big pot.  You wait patiently for the right hand to come along... the nervousness, anxiety and tension of having all your chips in the middle, and then the simulatneous adulation and relief of winning the big pot.

It's exactly how I felt, and exactly what I wanted to jump up and shout when I came to a verbal agreement with the buyer on my house today.  

Of course, unlike poker, I don't feel like there was a loser in this hand.  I really believe it was a very fair deal on the house, but I'm tremendously relieved with the outcome after the work that was put in and how I expect to come out knowing the current condition of the housing market.

I'm really pleased on so many levels.  Obviously, I'm totally jacked and relieved for myself, as this is a huge burden off my shoulders as I leave on my endeavor to Idaho, and then on to Florida thereafter.

I'm very grateful to my buddy  at work who I hired to help with a lot of the work that needed to be done that I wasn't capable of tackling on my own.  He did a great job at a fair price, and I think he appreciated the work.  For anyone reading this in the NC area that is in need of some handywork, don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to get in touch with him.

I'm happy that a friend of mine was also the realtor.  Betsy did a very nice job.  Obviously a win/win for both of us.

I'm happy that I'll also hopefully be able to help some friends with furniture and the like that I'm looking to probably sell before I go.  Obviously it'll be nice to get some decent money out of it, but I think there's a lot of people interested in a bunch of my belongings, and hopefully it will go to people that I consider friends, and if it means some payment plans to make it work for them, I'd rather do that, since I know it'll help them out and be more appreciated.

I'm especially excited that I'll be able to get my spare bed to a fellow at work tomorrow who has unfortunately been down on his personal luck a bit and alternating sleeping between his couch and floor.  He's a great kid and a hard worker.  I really wanted to give it to him when I knew he needed it a couple of weeks ago, but I felt torn that I needed it to have the second bedroom staged.  I'd been struggling with internally since I felt a bit cold and selfish that I wouldn't just take it out and give it to him, but I know that houses sell better staged, and I didn't want to hurt myself knowing that I needed to get this place sold.  I'm very relieved and pumped that I can help him out now.

The run of emotions is just crazy, but I should have the contract signed and in hand tomorrow.  The buyer is from out of state, and had already started heading home before we'd even reached an agreement, so I don't expect there to be any "to do" tomorrow.  Based on the offer, I think she really liked the house and was a motivated buyer, the negotiation was minimal, and we came to an agreement rather quickly.

In any event, thanks to everyone that's been wishing me well.  I'm sure there'll be the few typical anxiety filled moments with the inspection, closing, and last minute i's to cross and t's to dot, but a day.

Be well, all.

PS, I've got a few other random fun stories from my trip to Cincy, but this took precedence.  I won't forget those in the next few days, though.

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