Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Lessons and Tidbits Learned From Selling a House

It's much easier to maintain a yard, and even rewarding to see it prosper, when you put in a couple of hours a week, or even 15 minutes a day watering and weeding, compared to having to deal with it when you've let it go overgrown for 4 years.

It's surprisingly easy to keep bathrooms and kitches clean and your clothes off the floor with a few rinses and trips to the laundry room or hamper a day, rather than trying to pick up after yourself three weeks at a time.

If you feel incapable of doing any of the above, spending a reasonale amount each month for a cleaning and/or lawn service will be worth its weight in gold.

A 20-30 minute walk with the dogs in the morning and evening will leave them much less likely to tear up the house, and leaves one feeling much healthier and more productive throughout the day.

In a normal market, a properly maintained abode that's fairly priced will sell itself.... assuming the right buyer comes along.

Markets and customs are different all around the country.  Never be afraid to ask any questions to make sure you're comfortable with such an important transaction.

Most importantly, have faith and confidence that though you'll have your ups and downs, if you do the right thing, more often than not, things will work out as they should.

Be well, friends.  

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Renae said...

You're starting to sound like some kind of Buddha.

I'm not sure I'm accustomed to this new mellow you.

Where's my stressed out, screaming, annoyed, cynical, sarcastic jewboy?