Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo Trip Report...Part II

We woke up the next morning to bright clear skies and very pleasant temperatures. We enjoyed breakfast at the Bluff's Restaurant across the Parkway from the lodge, and then headed back to take a second shot at our canoe trip.

Fortunately, we got right in and got our gear to head out:

Avoided whacking each other with the paddles as we navigated the river, and came to a smooth patch to enjoy the view:

Made it down river safely and happy:

And I was gifted with a beautiful parting smile at the end of a nice weekend.

The End


Brad said...

Nice photos sir. Looks like a great time.

Anonymous said...

You should print and frame that last picture to remind yourself of what a lucky bastage you are. ;)

Have a good trip and beware strange women distributing motorcycles.

Jeffrey Dickman said...

No kidding. I'm very lucky. It's such a sweet hat. I purchased it just before they went out of stock. I'm lucky to have gotten it.

Renae said...

*booking flight to Jacksonville while Jeffrey's away*