Monday, June 2, 2008

Golf and Lake House

Played a little golf on Saturday.  Struck the ball fairly decently, but the lack of practice and play is more than evident in my short game.  Shot 85 at Silo Run Golf Course, in Boonville, NC.  A few goofy holes, but for the most part, a very pretty and nicely maintained course.

The course was about 45 minutes from my house, and it was a very pleasant drive out.  It's a bit out in the "country", with some really beautiful corn and tobacco fields along the way.  Even passed a winery or two.

I stopped home to grab some clothes and tidy up a bit before my Sunday Open House, and then headed to Raleigh to pick up Kari.  From there, we headed back past my house to some friends Lake House where we spent the night with some cocktails around the bonfire, and then hung around and relaxed by the lake for the day.

**side note on the drive: From the time I'd left to pick Kari up until we'd reached the lake house, I'd put 270 miles on my car.  That'd put me roughly 1/9th of the way to Idaho, even with stopping through Chicago.  It's getting closer and closer.

The Open House sounded like it garnered a nice turnout.  Roughly 30 people in the two hours it was open.  I guess the true success will be if any prospective buyers decide to come back for a second trip.

I took today off today to hang out with Kari.  We're going to another Bon Voyage party for our friend Ann tonight.

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