Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Difficulty in What to Say

The internet, and blogs and message boards more specifically, have always come under a lot of scrutiny for people's ability to post anonymously, or even if their identity isn't hidden, they're still more apt to say things behind the safety of their computer than they would face to face.

This phenomenon has somewhat been plaguing me lately, as I think I'm pretty straight forward as it is in person, and don't think I'd say much differently online than I would "live" so to speak.  At the same token, though open to the public to read, this is still a journal of my personal thoughts, and often I just want to vent them.

All of this boils down to.....I spend over 1/2 my waking day to/from and at work.  It has often consumed many more hours of my waking thought.  I have so many things I want to say, even though I've said most of them already and I'm not shy about it, but I also don't know if it's the right thing to do on this blog.

I don't need to call out anyone by name.  I just want to vent some things that bother me.  If I haven't already said them, I probably plan to over the next few weeks.  I'm certainly not looking to burn any bridges, but it's out of genuine concern for direction and the people that I've worked so closely with for the past 10 years, and the last five especially.

Anyway.  I'm conflicted.  Just thought I'd at least share that.

Oh, and I've seen a bunch of really cool fishing photos and video trailers online in the past few days.  I'm getting pretty pumped.  I'd almost be giddy if someone would just put an offer in on my house.

I mean, the open house got excellent traffic, and I know there was an appointment today, and I know they showed since I left they lights on and they put them all out (I must have paid the electric bill since the modem is working).....but they didn't take a flyer....and didn't leave a does that mean they just totally weren't interested.....or did they already have the flyer because they were here for the Open House and this was their second time through? (deep breath pause from the run-on sentence)

But I'm not worried.  The right buyer will be here soon.  And I'm excited for what the summer will hold.  And I'm excited to move closer to Kari after that.

I'm still conflicted, though.  The work thoughts always come back.  Maybe soon.

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bonefish78 said...

Many great novelists are inspired to write about just the things you're feeling.
You could start with a dark comedy. Change some names to protect the innocent but use the real bastards nicknames at least.