Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Hour for Every Four Minutes....

....was our driving time per minute we actually spent in our meeting.

Driving actually turned out fine, since we arrived back to the plant around 5 pm yesterday, and had we flown, we probably wouldn't have landed into Raleigh or Charlotte until after 9pm and still been an hour from home....assuming both legs of connecting flights would have been on time.

The drive was pleasant. Quiet for the most part. I ended up driving the bulk of the ride up on Friday, and slept the first half home yesterday before taking over the afternoon half. It was actually a very scenic ride. The mountains in western Virginia and West Virginia were very pretty, as was rolling farmland in southern Ohio.

Our ride took us parallel to the Ohio River for a good stretch. It was relatively clear in West Virginia, but as we got further north, the river got darker and darker until it finally looked like chocolate milk. We were a bit perplexed by this, until we got to an area where you could see giant fields that had obviously been flooded the week prior. Most of the water was down, but there were still puddles in the fields, trash lines where the water had risen to, and the fields were barren.

The meeting was fine. The customer continually mocked the salesperson, basically saying, "I'm the smartest person in the room, and you continue to talk to me like I'm not." He was right. It was a meeting that needed to happen, but overall didn't accomplish a whole lot.

As I was leaving, though, I did a sign for a company picnic, where it invited everyone to "Feed Their Competitive Side" with "Frisbee Golf, Volley Ball, Horseshoes, Corn Hole, and Bingo." Corn Holing? Family Picnic? Scary. Probably will turn out to be some innocent child's game with an unfortunate name.

Anyhow, got word that an agent "thinks" her buyers will put in an offer on my house towards the end of the week or over the weekend. Talk about an evil, torturous e-mail. There's also a showing today at noon....and I can't remember where I left my dirty towel this morning. I put it in front of the dresser to take to the washer, but I can't decide if it actually made it to the washer or not. I'm going to run home and check.

Good luck house.

Be well.

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