Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving Along...

Had my oil checked this morning.  Was given a clean bill pending the blood work up, which I'm actually hoping will look better than my last physical a couple of years ago with the weight loss since then.

Car's all greased up, topped off and aligned for the winding road ahead.

Picked up a small First Aid Kit and a few other odds and ends today.  Hopefully I can stop shopping soon.  It's fun, but it hasn't been cheap.

Still waiting on the inspection report, but hopefully the fact that I haven't heard a peep thus far means nothing major, so another hurdle crossed.

My very cool birthday present from Kari arrived yesterday, and I just got it set up today.  It's a "SPOT" Satellite Personal Tracker.  (Apparently she doesn't want me to get lost)  With the touch of a button I can send out an Emergency 911 signal from anywhere, or I can just hit a button to say "Hi" so family and friends know where I am.  Just got the service set up and I'm gonna go give it a test run now.  (If you want to see more about it, Survivorman will give you a tour here:

Brad, D, Happy Anniversary.  Hope you and all the rest of my degenerate buddies in Vegas this weekend are winning big and having fun.

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Brad said...

Thanks buddy. Missed you in Vegas.