Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yesterday; Almond Joy.....Today, Mounds....

That's to say, I'm not as nutty today as I was yesterday. At least, the feeling that I want to vomit has somewhat subsided. I never expected to feel as much anxiety as I felt yesterday with my house going on the market and the first showings.

I mean, as soon as I heard about the first showings, I was pumped. "Wow, this is great!" And then.....

Did I leave my underwear on the floor of the bathroom?

Did I put the McDonald's bag in the garbage?

Shit, there's still some flies in the house from when the carpet layers left the door open.

I took my morning dump. Is there a streak in the bowl?

One of the globes on the vanity fixture cracked when I tried to adjust it. Will they notice?

Why did I put my underwear backwards this morning? (ok, not house related, but perplexing none the less)

Why did the seam in the carpet seem more noticeable this morning?

Why isn't it showing up on my agent's website yet?

Why does the only listing site I can find it on only show a single exterior picture of the house?

Why didn't I get the mud/laundry room cleaned last night. Its the only thing not done.

Will that turn them off?

I need to clean out one of the exterior light fixtures that has dead bugs in it. Will they notice?

Are they there yet?

Did they leave yet?

Are the next people there yet?

Did they like it?

Did they not like it?

Why didn't they like it?

But today, I'm a new man. I realize that I can't control all those things. If someone doesn't like it, I can't go and change everything because the next person that comes in may not like the changes and would have preferred it how it was originally.

So now, I'm just telling myself that when the right buyer walks through the door, it will sell. I tell myself that I've done what I can to put it into the position to sell, and obsessing over what people are thinking, or how many people are walking through.

Then, I click the website again every 15 minutes to see if a new appointment might have been set up. And apparently I'm talking to myself. Who am I kidding? I'm a regular Mr. Goodbar.


MADMAX said...

Brad Jeffords
Clemmons, NC 27012


Jeffrey Dickman
Clemmons, North Carolina, United States

Dear Jeffery

This is just a quick note to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I know that the ready the house for sale project you're working on right now is proving to be very time consuming and you are probably feeling a little stressed out. Nevertheless, once it's finished, and you've done your usual superb job, think how proud you'll feel to have accomplished so much. May the force be with you on the sale and stand firm on your price.

So, good luck to you as you complete this daunting task. I'll keep you in my thoughts and look forward to hearing from you when you land your biggest catch, your home buyer. I’m digg’n your blogs so keep them rolling.


Brad Jeffords
GM La Quinta Inns & Suites Greensboro, NC #190

Jeffrey Dickman said...

A formal letter, I barely know how to respond. What have you done with the real Brad Jeffords?

Thanks for the well wishes.

Kari said...

I'm quite sure that NO ONE really wants to read about your "morning dump" that you are oh so proud of and if it left streaks or not. C'mon.

Anonymous said...

don't listen to kari...

keep me updated on your dumps please