Monday, May 5, 2008

Armadillos Aren't Just in Texas

When I saw two distinctly deceased armadillos on the side of the road just north of the Georgia border passing into South Carolina, I text Kari to ask if they had them in Florida, too. She of course responded "yes."

I knew that response was coming since after I sent the text, I'd remembered Craig making a remark a couple of days earlier about the alligator turd, or maybe it could be opossum or armadillo turd, that we passed as we walked around the pond, since clearly it wasn't left by either of the two dogs or horses that reside on the property.

Myself, I was wondering why it might be alligator turd, since I'd think it would be more comfortable for the resident alligator to pinch it off while in the pond. Apparently I'm not really attuned with alligator defecation.

Hunters always seem to have a knack for spotting turds as they're walking around. One would think it's because it's probably not pleasant to sit in the woods for hours with boots that reek of fresh dung all day. More practically, it's because if you can identify said dung and its "freshness," you'll get a better idea of what's happening around you, and if the species you're after has passed through.

But I digress. I guess I always just associated armadillos with Texas, since in the movie Necessary Roughness, the fictional university football team was the Texas State Fighting Armadillos.

Obviously, though, I should know better than to form a generalization based on a single crappy movie association. It'd be just like generalizing that Kathy Ireland was just an incredibly hot chick with no acting ability based on her performance in that movie.

Oh, wait.....


Erik said...

You are awesome.

On a lot of levels.

Kari Reagor said...

What goes on in that brain of yours is absolutely frightening. You couldn't go home and just talk about your fabulous weekend with Kari? Instead you have to write a paper about turds you saw in the woods. I'm speechless.

Brad said...

Bwahhahhahahha! Kari's comments!

I love that movie!

Anonymous said...

Is it all about poop with guys?

So what did you do with Kari this weekend? Any nice meals? Walks? Shopping? Did you see any movies?

bonefish78 said...

Turd does come to mind when you're around. Why is that?