Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Parent's New Toy

So I've never been much of a video game player.  Always played a little in college to pass some time, and when I was younger, but was never overly into it.  So, I was a bit surprised to arrive home to find that  my parents are now Wii addicts.  Watching my dad rock out to Guitar Hero III wasn't what I was expecting for my weekend.  

It's actually great for my mom, who can now play some of the sports games and that gives her some "chair exercise" when she gets home from work and is waiting for my dad to get home for dinner.

I've been in the vicinity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the past, but I'd always avoided actually touching the guitar.  I think it's mostly a fear that I've never felt like I'd be good at the guitar.  Never felt like my fat fingers were all that coordinated.  However......I got sucked in.  Man it's frustratingly addictive.

I even just found myself strumming and moving my fingers to the chords I imagined were being played in a commercial.

I'm always a bit sad that I don't get to see my parents more often, but this is an addiction I don't need.  I'll be happy to leave it behind...... well, at least until I get back from Idaho.  Damn these games are addictive.

And yes, I'm trying the Wii fishing before I leave.


Anonymous said...

My friend with MS that is chair bound loves her Wii. She does the boxing as a work out everyday. It's tiring if you really use your arms the way you're supposed to. We love to Wii bowl together as well. It really makes for a fun party game.

As for Rock Band, I think you make a fantastic lead singer.

"Mama....oooohhoohooooh...I don't wanna die..."

Brad said...

It is addictive....for sure. I love it!