Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tracking Numbers

Whoever came up with instantaneous package tracking on the Internet I'm sure solved a lot of problems for people who shipped something, and then received a complaint that it didn't arrive. It allows them to then tell the recipient when it will arrive, or maybe even that it already has and someone else may have misplaced it.

But as the soon to be recipient of new gadgetry that I want to play with, I've decided instantaneous tracking sucks.

Sure, I could have paid for the expedited shipping and it would already be here. I didn't need it that quickly, and still don't. I knew from the beginning it likely wouldn't be here until the end of this week. Amazon tells me it should ship in 3-5 days, and then 3-5 days transit. Fine.

So what does Amazon do? Amazon Immediately ships it out the day I purchase.

Sweet! How Great! I'm totally excited!

Then Lee Corso chimes in "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!"

Now I'm left to sit and track the package....watching it sit still on the Internet all Memorial Day weekend long.....with no actual data uploaded yet. Just the e-mail telling me it shipped.

At which point, Tuesday morning, BAM, it's in Greensboro, NC. A mere 45 minutes from delivery at my workplace. There's no way it won't be here Wednesday afternoon, right?

Of course not, because each time I diligently track it on Tuesday, as it moved? Nope.

Wednesday morning? Nothing. Scanned again into Greensboro. It's almost as if they know it's not technically supposed to be here for a few more days, so they're just going to let it marinate, or more to the point, let me stew a bit longer before they'll let me play with my toy.

Oh, and have I mentioned where the package originated from? Greensboro, NC. I could have picked the darn thing up same day. So, in 5 days, the box 45 minutes away from me is likely now 40 minutes away. And the second box that shipped yesterday, well it made it from Farmingdale, NY to somewhere in Pennsylvania this morning, and it's now estimating delivery for June 4, or one week from today.

I'm convinced that UPS must have a team training for the Tour de France and they're using bike messenger for this one.

No, I didn't need it quickly, and no, I didn't pay for it to be expedited.... but really, I think I'd be happier if I didn't know where it was, and couldn't track it every hour to see if it moved closer. Sheer torture.


bonefish78 said...

I probably have one I would have shipped you overnight. You also could have asked Mr. W to pick it up for you. He probably has a girlfriend over that way.

Jeffrey Dickman said...

Probably. Haha. That was a polite way of saying it.

I admittedly didn't order a dashboard friction mount because I think I've seen a few of those lying around your house. No need for overnight shipping though ;)

Renae said...

You know if you weren't so anal instantaneous tracking would be cool instead of torture, right?