Friday, May 23, 2008

The weekend....

...past probably needs a wrap before I can get to the Labor Day weekend.
The house consumed most of my thoughts early this past week, and the cleaning and prep dominated most of the weekend prior, but I was also very lucky to have Kari visit from Saturday night to Monday night. We had a very nice time, including spending Sunday at the Greek Festival with Ann and Jaime (those Greeks sure like their fried doughs), and then dinner Sunday night at our local favorite, Full Moon Oyster Bar.
Kari and Jaime at the Festival

**Side note: Ace reporter Craig did send Kari a text that Armadillos were committing suicide in vast numbers on Oklahoma roads this past weekend. No turds reported at the scene, however.
**Side note 2: Craig was in Idaho last weekend and went out and walked some of the streams. Said the water levels are great, and Sid's very excited. A great chance for some of the bigger fish to get down into the small streams this year. The potential for an even greater summer builds.
Of course I miss Kari already. I know that means that while in Idaho, the additional distance and time apart won't make things any easier for us, but I also know that missing Kari tells me that I know how much I want to be with her when I get back, and that's a priority for me.
It was especially nice to see her after Friday at work, which marked the final day of the sixty day notices I'd provided for four employees with a combined 87 yrs experience with QST, including an individual with 40 years alone. Even though you know it's coming, it's still never easy, and it hasn't gotten any easier to lay an employee off from the first one to the last ones who will walk out of the building likely for the last time the same day I leave.
Anyhow, I've been shopping on the Internet this week for a couple of toys. A new Garmin 660 and a dual Computer/Digital SLR Backpack are on their way from Amazon, and I'll likely be getting a new MacBook next week. I don't think I've owned my own computer for at least 10 yrs now. It's exciting.

I've also gotten wind of a birthday present that's still on the way, and it's pretty slick as well.
Not much action on the house since the first day, and by not much, I mean zero. Hopefully it's just a bit of a lull before the holiday weekend. Even though the market seems to have been decent in my area, there's of course no sure things. Fortunately, of the past few days, I've become much more comfortable with the waiting aspect involved. Just get up, make the bed, tidy, and head to work. Almost routine now.
I get to play a little live poker tonight which is always fun, and then tomorrow I'm getting up early to go to a Fly Fishing Clinic in Bristol, TN. Should be interesting as it's being taught by a couple of the true legends in the sport. I'll report when I get back.
Have a safe Memorial Day, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Kari is looking gorgeous. You're a lucky bastard, that's for sure. Talk about out of one's league!


bonefish78 said...

Her Uncle agrees!

Renae said...

Yeah, I gotta agree that Kari is beautiful as usual. Too bad she won't be joining us in Vegas this weekend. I really miss her.