Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missing Logic

So I hit Lowe's for a few bathroom fixtures that I needed to replace. The knobs on the cabinets are all a tacky gold, and since I needed new vanity lights, towel bars and toilet paper holders, and I was advised that "Antiqued Bronze" is the new "Brushed Nickel", which I didn't realize was no longer en vogue, I went with those.

That said, it was an extremely frustrating encounter. The towel bars and toilet paper holders are in the bathroom area. The vanities themselves are there, too, but the vanity lighting....nope. Not there. You need to go to lighting for that.

But, once you get to lighting, none of the light fixtures are made by any of the people who make the other bathroom fixtures, so hopefully I found a finish that is similar enough that the minor difference isn't noticed. Of course, you need to change the knobs on the cabinets to match, which could be in the same aisle to match the fixtures.....nope.

Those are over in the kitchen cabinet area.....or are they? Only the special order models are over there. The rest of the knobs are actually 3/4 of the way across the store in the "Hardware" section. And of course, none are made in the same finish or by the same companies as anything else.

The lighting in those aisles are not great either, with the fully stocked racks from floor to ceiling, so when I got up to the register in better light, I tried comparing them again. The nice older lady at the register noticed my attempt to compare, and did correctly remind me that they don't need to match, since they'll all be spread out, but understood that I was trying to make sure they were at least in the same family.

I remarked to her that I hard a time with the light, and couldn't figure out why most of those things weren't in the same places, or by the same manufacturers. I said, "Don't people buy most of this stuff as a set to keep everything in their bathrooms looking coordinated? It would have been easier to find all in one spot."

She smirked, and responded, "No, that would make it too easy on the customers."

I liked her.

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