Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun E-mail Exchange Today

From: Salesperson X
To: Jeffrey Dickman; CFO; Credit and Collections Mgr; Product Mgr x3 ; Customer Service x3

Beginning immediately Customer Y will be issuing a $100. charge back when a delivery is made before a packing list is sent to them. Attached is the first.

Please forward this to whoever needs to be informed of this new policy.


From: Jeffrey Dickman
To: Salesperson; CFO; Collections Mgr; Product Mgr x3

Effective Immediately, I’m initiating a charge back policy for failing to give proper notification of new policies ahead of time for $100, and a $50 charge back for unsolicited e-mail.

You can use this e-mail as notification of charge back, totaling $150.

You can remit payment to me in Mocksville. $10s and $20s are fine.



From: Salesperson
To: Jeffrey Dickman

Cash or Charge?

From: Jeffrey Dickman
To: Salesperson

Please add an additional $50 charge back for not reading the instructions.

Tens and Twenties are fine.

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