Friday, July 11, 2008

Read a book...

....yesterday. Black Widow, by Randy Wayne White. Good read.

Worked out in the morning and fished in the evening yesterday as well. Caught some nice fish. Saw a couple of very nice fish that decided not to play with me yesterday, but hopefully we'll get to play a bit down the line.

Caught a pretty nice Cutthroat with a rod that had been repaired by my friend Mike O'Connor. I had a pretty sweet little three weight Winston that had been bestowed to me by Craig when I moved to North Carolina, and last year, out here, it snapped in the butt section of the rod. I was about to toss it when Mike did a beautiful job bringing the rod back to life. Seamless. You'd have to study it to know it was repaired.

Sucker really inhaled that tan grasshopper pattern.....

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