Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keeping Busy

Sid's wife Sherri is a personal trainer, so I've spent the last two mornings working out. My body isn't used to this. Hopefully I'll keep it up, though, as I feel pretty good.

Helped Sid a bit with the roof deck yesterday. Should get to continue on that in the next few days, but construction here is similar to what I've seen in Mexico and the DR in the past. The materials get here when they get here, since the nearest Home Depot is 60 miles away.

It was great working outside though. I felt like Andy Dufrane. Standing on the roof, doing manual labor. It was a new kind of freedom. All I needed was some suds.

The country out here is absolutely spectacular. Even more beautiful than when I was here last year. Soda Springs got nearly 120 inches of snow this past year, so when spring arrived, everything came up twice as tall and twice as green.

There's a lot of water in the river here, so the fishing has been a bit tough so far, but it's incredibly peaceful, and as the water levels get a little lower, it'll be easier to identify where the fish should be holding. There also hasn't been a lot of insect activity on the water yet, but when I was fishing further south, they said with the late spring, all of the hatches are late, so it's likely that we're behind here as well.

Basically, we're optimistic if this great weather holds that fishing should really go gang busters in the next few weeks. I think we're going to wait until a little later this evening for things to cool down to test the waters today.

Pics to come soon.

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