Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greetings from Murdo, South Dakota!

Pretty uneventful day of driving, which when driving solo typically ends up being a good day.

Headed west out of Madison on Route 14 and basically stayed on that all the way through LaCrosse, WI, over the Mississippi, and on through to Rochester, MN. At that point, I weaved on and off between I-90 and some close by state routes in Minnesota and SD depending on how I was feeling, but ended up on 90 more at the tail end so I could get some distance behind me.

Caught this gem of a pic near Spring Green, WI. Apparently the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile now has some competition:

A barn and silo that caught my eye about 30 miles east of LaCrosse:

The Mighty Mississippi from the MN side:

And a barn in Minnesota as seen at 75 MPH:

And do you know what else I got to see today?????


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