Saturday, July 19, 2008


Craig, Sid and I hit an Estate Auction for a bit this morning. The whole thing seemed a bit eerie to me, since the person's belongings that they were selling is still walking amongst us. The gentleman was actually down at the local airstrip so anyone who wanted to go down and see his kit plane could go take a look before it went up for auction with his other belongings.

There was everything from tools, an 1851 US Issue Musket, textbooks from 1942, to 10 model airplanes made from Mountain Dew and Pepsi Cans.

We stuck around to watch for a bit. The guys doing the auctioning amazed and befuddled me all at the same time. It obviously took a good amount of skill and experience to keep an auction of this size moving with all of the different lots being sold, by pricing each item relatively correctly to start, as well as knowing when to push harder and when to pull back when necessary to maximize the bidding.

That said, does talking that fast really spark bidding? I understand that there's tradition and all involved, and maybe it's their way of marking their control of the event, "HeyI'mtheonetalkingandI'mincontrolsodon'tthinkabouttalkingbecause

But outside of a potentially good way to burn calories while standing still, I just don't get the phenomenon.

Anyhow, there wasn't anything that wowed any of us so we left after a short time and prepared to go fishing in the afternoon.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, and we hit another part of Tin Cup today. I caught 8 fish, had two strikes from a couple of bruisers that I missed, and countless other misses of small fish. The fish I did manage to bring to hand ranged from literally the size of my thumb (oh man I was looking forward to the picture when I dropped that fish) to one of the nicer fish that I've caught since I've been here, which is pictured below.

I hooked one little guy, and the take was so cool when he ate that I thought the fish was much bigger than it was. I lifted my rod to pull tight and I actually yanked the fish out of the water, lassoed him over my head, nearly hit Sid in the head in the process, and then the fish flew about 15 yards down stream.

Clearly, it was funnier if you were standing there. Here's a picture of the nicest fish I caught today, as well as one each of Sid and I fishing at different points in the afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny even reading it here....great mental pictures of the incident...MG