Friday, July 25, 2008

Bad Case of the Dumb Ass

For those that aren't aware, a "Bad Case of the Dumbass" is an acute disease that often strikes at inopportune or obscure times. It occurs in varied degrees, with a range of symptoms from minor emotional distress, to cuts and bruises, to extremely fatal.

I've fortunately avoided the latter, but I've had two cases in the past two days, and Dr. Craig has quickly diagnosed both occurrences. One with hopefully only slightly minimal emotional consequence which will hopefully subside and pass (no, not you, Kari), thought it's a pretty funny story that I'll share in a week or so, so as not to further aggravate any anxiety.

The second was tonight. It manifested itself in the form of this pretty little number on my shin...

This case of the dumbass was caused by lackadaisically rounding second base on a ball to left field, watching the throw coming perfectly to the cutoff while I was still standing between second and third base. I found myself in a rundown, and then, in an effort to try to redeem myself with hustle, slid into third while wearing shorts on a field made of crushed pumice. I don't think I've slid on a ball field in 12 years. It was just flat muscle memory in the competitive moment. Oh, yeah, I was out.

Oh well. Blood on your uni makes you look tough, right?


Does it at least maybe mitigate the stupidity some?


Well, at least hopefully the cool water of a trout stream will sooth it tomorrow.

This is actually a post game update, as we're back from our first two games of the softball tournament, as Sid needed to greet some guests who arrived while we were gone. We're now on call and expect to have to be back at the field between 2 am and 4 am for the double elimination portion of the "All Night" softball tournament we got wrangled into playing.

We won our first seeding game handily, and then got annihilated in our second game. That leaves us in the precarious position of either being a bottom seed in the top tier of the tourney, which means we'll probably go lose two games and be back in time for 8am breakfast and then taking clients fishing, or we'll be a top seed in the bottom tier, have a chance to win that tier, and totally screws up our Saturday. They're hopefully finding replacements for us though. The softball is fun, but I think we'd both rather be back and fishing tomorrow.

I'll update the outcome tomorrow.

Last night we had a small "Anniversary Cookout" around the fire pit for Craig and Wendy. Salad with fresh lettuce grown in a friend of Sid and Sherri's garden in town, chicken, smoked sausage, some cake, and the most breathtaking sky you could imagine. The stars here are incredible. You don't see skies like this unless you're somewhere with basically zero ambient light, which we're fortunate to be able to enjoy here.

I know Craig and Wendy wished their girls could have been there, and I know there's some people that I'd have enjoyed sharing it with as well, but I think we were all grateful to have been able to share it with the people that were here.

This morning was down to the gym, and then back to the lodge to work on the yard, deck, and digging up a pipe to flush out to keep the fresh spring water flowing properly. We didn't get to fish in the evening like we'd hoped because they couldn't find softball replacements, but hopefully that will be rectified in short order.

Gonna get ready to head back out to the fields. We'll see if I'm smart enough to either put on some long pants, or just not slide.


Anonymous said...

good thing you didn't try to slide head first!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never learned to slide. I made an attempt once that left me bruised up and decided I'm too old. You are younger than me by a few years so you need to decide. Until you do, wear pants, dumbass. I'm sure Kari prefers you with your skin on.

ryan said...

Awww, it's only a flesh wound!!!

Kari said...

Thank you for not sliding on your face....