Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Idaho Week One in the Books

Had a great weekend to end the first week out in Idaho. Saturday, we hiked up into a canyon, pictured below, and then fished for a bit and hiked back out. Was a good time. The fishing back there should be great when we get to spend more time up there. There weren't a ton of fish, but the ones that were there were big ones. I caught a very nice fish that I tried to get a picture of, but lost when I grabbed the leader to try to get it to hand. I probably could have netted it if I had a net, but when I once asked a friend who guides in Montana why people used nets on fish like trout, she responded "Nets are for sissies." So I haven't ever carried a net.

Sunday, I went out for a time by myself and spent a very peaceful day on the water. Caught a few fish midday when I arrived, but fishing was slow. It picked up later in the afternoon, and when all was said and done, I'd probably had 10-12 to hand. Here are a couple that I was able to get photos of. Still getting the hang of trying to catch and photo all in one motion.

Monday morning, after I woke up, I took a look off the deck onto the front road, and a friendly sheep was just taking a stroll. Not something you see every morning in Chicago.

Monday afternoon Sherri had reserved an area known as "The Dam" (it's next to the dam) here on the local lake. Her friends brought a boat, and everyone took turns water skiing and tubing. It was a lot of fun. Beautiful day. I took a bunch of photos of most everyone water skiing and tubing. I tubed, got flipped a few times. I tried to water ski for the first time since I was eight. I tried twice. I still haven't water skiied since I was eight. My teeth feel remarkably clean, though.

Oh, and who would have guessed there'd be crawfish in a lake in Idaho?

Hope everyone's doing well.


Kari said...

Nice Pics! You are getting good at that! Hi UNCLE C

Brad said...


Keep on keepin on bro!