Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The 2008 Cuttthroat Honey Hole....

...I believe was officially discovered today. I only made it out for a couple of hours, but caught 8, and well, I probably saw 20 fish larger than the outstanding little 3 pounder that I did manage to bring to hand, which was my largest today. He was a strong fighter, and the take was probably the best I've had since I arrived. I'm pretty sure he must have hurdled the other fish in the pool to get to my flying ant pattern, as he shot nearly completely out of the water to suck down the fly.

Unfortunately I had a bad camera day, as I was on my own again, but all the fun I had is certainly ingrained in my head, so that's what's important. The only half decent shot of one of my other nice catch is below.

The fishing was squeezed in after the morning workout, and then more rocking picking. Why more rocking picking you ask? No, not another fire pit, but a rock garden, obviously. And then the firewood was cut, gathered and stacked for future use in the fire pit.

Then I had to get back from fishing for the Soda Springs Co-ed Softball League games that we had tonight. Turned out to be a double header, so basically, I'm tuckered out.

Got to get up for the workout in the morning, and then there's more wood to be cut, and I think a couple of Men's League Softball games tomorrow night, but not sure. Hopefully squeeze a bit more fishing in as well, and hopefully get the camera skills back on track.

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