Sunday, October 26, 2008

Smart Aminals

The elk and deer have evaded us the past couple of days, but not for lack of trying.

I did have a staring contest this evening with a cow moose at about 20 yards. I decided after a while, however, that I'd let her win. Pretty sure she thought I was cute, though. She couldn't take her eyes off me. After a while, she stumbled away, but I didn't get very good pictures, as I didn't properly accomodate for the low light.

Oh well. Was a pretty neat experience. I know Little Ricky got a kick out of it as well. Here's a photo of Rick taking one last look at a ridge before we lost our light for the evening.


Ann said...

and you said you weren't having much of a social life.....did you get the cows # ? See you soon in civilization...Ann

Jeffrey Dickman said...

When I told her I was going to Florida for the winter to pursue a dream, she got all huffy and stormed off.

Story of my life.

See you in a few days.