Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breezy Days

Wind had blown out the past couple of morning hunts. When it's windy, the animals tend to stay bedded down since they just don't like being up in the wind, and wind creates a lot of noise, which makes it harder to hear their predators from a distance. Also, if the wind is swirling, it also makes it more difficult to determine which direction unusual smells are coming from that also allow them to determine if predators are approaching.

Rick did get out hunting for a bit last night, though, and got right into the thick of deer not much more than a stones throw from the lodge. All of the bigger bucks seemed to have a knack for keeping enough of themselves hidden that there wasn't a great opportunity for Rick to shoot. It's expected to be very windy again for the rest of today, but tomorrow is forecasted to be as clear and calm as could be, so we're rooting for a big day tomorrow.

As a follow up to yesterday, I know Craig was very appreciative of all of Little Ricky's efforts on his behalf, but it appears that this guy might be a little more efficient.

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