Sunday, October 19, 2008

Craig's Ground Breaking

While were having a cocktail and talking at the lodge this afternoon, we filled Little Ricky in on some of the trials and tribulations Craig had been having with getting construction of his cabin underway on his parcel of land down the road a piece from the lodge.

Building permits, zoning, health permits, and late contractors. Everything you could think of seemed to be stalling the actual breaking ground on the project. It has certainly been a large point of stress for both Craig and Sid these past few weeks.

Well, another Jim Beam or two later, and Little Ricky decided this was just unacceptable. He decided that since the track hoe was delivered on Thursday, but nothing was done on Friday, that it was time to take matters into his own hand.

A few minutes later, he was geared up, and invited both Sid and I to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Reagor Ground Breaking 2008.

We thought it was pretty clever, and pretty funny, but little did we know, he wasn't content to stop at that. To our surprise, Little Ricky then sprinted to the track hoe, as he was set to REALLY get down to business.

When he couldn't get in, he decided he was going to break in, and nothing was going to stop him.

Fortunately, Sid jumped into action, and reasoned with Little Ricky. Sid convinced Little Ricky that trying to operate heavy machinery after a few Beam's wasn't necessarily the the soundest decision.

But Little Ricky isn't easily deterred. Sid might have slowed him down a bit, but nothing was going to dampen his spirit, or deter his will to get this project underway. Little Ricky was fixated on getting that heavy machinery up onto the pad and start digging. After a few more minutes, Little Ricky was in position...

...and the excavation commenced.

After a short period of time, Little Ricky really got into his groove, and was making some outstanding headway.

Clearly, he was pleased with his progress in such a short time.

Sid and I were both excited as well, and didn't want to get in his way. We decided to head back to the lodge for a couple of hours, maybe have a snack, and then return to check on how Little Ricky was progressing.

Much to our amazement when we returned, Little Ricky had transformed Craig's pad into a multi-tiered extravaganza.

We're all sure that Craig will be extremely excited.

1 comment:

Craig Reagor said...

Thank the Lord for Little Ricky!
My blood pressure is down 50 points.
Love the hard hat!