Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall is Coming to a Close

The view out the window right now back at the Lodge tells me fall is quickly coming to a close, so I figure I need to do a catch up before I fall too far behind.

I had a very nice visit. It was great to see my parents and my sister Laura. Mom's recovery after the surgery, though slower than we'd all hoped, seems to have ultimately gone well, and though she was still in rehab when I left, I saw a lot of improvement while I was home. And happily, I can report that she finally got to go home to her own bed on Thursday, and the trooper she is, is planning to head to work for a half day on Monday.

My sister Laura graciously treated me to a Cubs game while I was in town.

We had seats in the bleachers that were a bit obstructed view from left field, but the nice people at Wrigley think of everything, and had us set up so that we could see all of the action.

Of course, I had to partake in some of the tastes of home, and enjoyed a beer and a kosher dog with grilled onions and mustard.

Unfortunately, the Cubs were out of the game basically after the second inning after they gave up 5 runs, and ultimately lost 10-3. There were some amusing moments as usual from the crowd in the bleachers. At one point, as much of the stadium spent the night in stunned silence with little hope of a comeback, I asked Laura if she thought it would be better to lose that way, basically out if it from the get go and have to sit through the balance of the game, or if it would have been better to lose with a heartbreaking rally in the eighth or ninth inning.

Little did I know that on Saturday night, when Laura and I would head to Madison to take in the Wisconsin Badger game vs. Ohio State with Ryan, Megan and friends that I'd soon have that exact comparison.

Always awesome to see the Badgers in action at night, though lacking a little of the typical energy because the band was actually on suspension for sexual misconduct, go figure, Bucky lost after giving up a touchdown with 1:08 to go, 20-17.

Imagine 85,000 people walking away in stunned silence, knowing all the hopes for a BCS season just basically slipped away. Oh well, still always a good time in Madison, and even better to spend time with great friends.

I got back to Idaho on Monday, we spent most of the week doing errands in preparation of rifle season, and as Friday marked opening day, we were even treated to a mid afternoon flurry.

It subsided quickly, and turned out to be a beautiful fall afternoon.

No deer on day one, or this morning, but we're staring at two inches of snow on the ground right now, with potentially more to come. As I've been told, the dark Mule Deer will look like the bright lights of a Christmas Tree when they're turned on the first time of the season for the next few days, so there could be some excitement to come.

Hope every one's well.

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