Friday, April 25, 2008

OHHHHHH the frustration.... a bit easier to manage these days. The daily grind that frustrated me immensely for the last year, most notably at work, can still have it's moments. It's a lot easier to brush off now knowing that I'm at peace with my decision, but I still have a hard time letting some of it go because I want everything to go as well as possible at work for those who will continue on after I've gone.

I started with my company the summer prior to graduating, and after graduating in December, 98, hit the Rose Bowl for a Badger win, drove home, and was right to work on January 4 , 1999. For the past 10 years, it's consumed the better part of my existence.

I'm going to push as hard as I can to make every transition as smooth as possible for all involved, but going from 175 people in our plant to about 40 in a less than a year has been very difficult for all involved.

That said, I had a nice night out on the patio at Big Shotz Tavern with my friends Ann and Steve. Was a beautiful summer night here in NC. Steve recently took a job in Santa Fe, NM, so it's been hard on them both, along with their daughter Jaime. I understand their feeling knowing that my long distance relationship with Kari (which is less than a year old compared to their 18 or so) can be so tough, and they're a very close knit unit.

Fortunately after a few months, they're finally under contract on their house, so it looks like they should be reunited for good soon after Jaime wraps up her fifth grade school year. I'm looking forward to the chance to stop through to visit them on my way back east from Idaho in September.

Getting ready to work on the house this weekend, and I get to drop in on a self-declared "redneck wedding" tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned....should be fun.

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