Saturday, April 26, 2008

And a few more things....

-Happy 30th tomorrow, Laura. Hope the Bon Jovi front row/on stage experience in Fort Lauderdale tonight is a blast.

-Congrats to Ryan on being accepted to Graduate School.

-Note to self: next time you buy a home, Molly Maid, just sayin, ASSHOLE!

-I guess I know why Lowe's can't trust my measurements, or trust that I know that my house is built on a concrete slab,so there's no rotting floor....but I just want to buy the carpet and have you install it. I don't want to wait another week.

-I suck at self-editing these things. I can read them over three times, and I just read it how it's in my head, and not what's actually on the screen. How do people do it?

-I miss my dogs. Yes, Kari, I miss you too. A lot. But I miss my dogs.

1 comment:

Renae said...

You don't miss me too? ASSHOLE!

J/K. You know I love ya. And vice versa.