Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eat Better!!!

Getting the three bags of clothes together with shirts and pants that are too big for me after my weight loss last year definitely is a nice feeling.

On the flip side, since I didn't keep all of the weight off, I'm in a" tweener" zone that not all of the pants and shorts I bought last summer still fit. I'd hate to get rid of those already, so I'm going to have to focus on getting this weight that returned back off.

I'm certainly much better now at 212-215 than I was where I started at 235-240, but I definitely notice a discernible difference in the way I feel, so I need to focus on shedding some of the extra baggage that I put back on.

That and I'd like to avoid getting rid of all those clothes.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I just saw the spell check icon on the Blogger tool bar. I'm so excited. How did I miss that?

I missed the redneck wedding yesterday because I was working on the house, didn't realize what time it was until about 1/2 hour before the wedding was to start, and then as soon as I sat down I fell a sleep for a bit. I'd have like to have gone, and was very appreciative of the invitation, but alas, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Oh, and if you're ever travelling somewhere that takes 2 hours instead of the planned 45 minutes due to traffic and closed highways, at which point, you finally arrive and have to wait until 9 for a 7:30 event due to a bomb threat, just have Bon Jovi touch your hand......TWICE....during "Bad Medicine." Apparently, it magically cures all ills. Glad you had fun, Laura.

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Laura said...

JBJ RULES!!! Oh, and your blog is cool.