Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

My Dear,

It dawned on me as I drove home from work how long we've actually been together.

All the days we've spent hand in hand..... the many nights you've been the last face I've seen before sleep..... so many mornings the first to be there to greet my day......

We've shared laughter and frustration. Triumph and heartache.

I've been transfixed by your glow in anticipation of what you'll share next. I've clung to your every word, wondering what surprise you're about to impart. Yet often times, you've brought me only pain and strife.

No matter, you've constantly been the elixir I can't seem to get enough of, though I know I've often consumed too much.

But alas, the realization is upon me, that as I prepare to embark on my journey, I just don't think we'll be able to meet each others' needs.

Maybe our paths will cross again one day down the road. Hopefully we'll remain friends, and share a few more moments of laughter and joy in the next couple of months we'll have together.

Nevertheless, come the end of June, I think we'll be best to say "adieu."

Fare the well, My Dearest Crackberry. I don't think I shall miss you.

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