Friday, April 25, 2008


The Banner photo is indeed a Craig Reagor original. I artfully cropped it though, so I thought it became a team effort. Haha. Only joking.

I do need to be taking more photos myself though, and I intend to rectify that in short order. And the reason that I didn't note it was Craig's photo in one of the corners is because my photo editing experience extends to MS Paint, which doesn't really even quailfy as experience, so that's that.

One of the many things I'm excited for in Idaho is the chance to learn about the area, fishing, and photography from some very accomplished people. Craig's been my fishing and photography mentor for the past 10 years, but this will be the first time that I'll have a significant chunk of time to focus on it all at once. Craig's usually out there for 6-8 weeks in the summer.

Flip Pallot is out there for about the same amount of time as well. Flip's also an avid photographer, and his angling prowess probably doesn't even need mention. It's a great opportunity for me to pick up all the knowledge I can.

As for the lay of the land, Sid's been roaming that countryside all of his life. I've heard he may actually be part elk, so when he told me that he was excited that we'd have a chance to go out and "explore some new areas" the first couple of weeks that I get out there, I know that I'll be hitting a handful of pristine areas that few human feet have ever touched before....and I bet the trout will be hungry.

Every time I talk to Sid, he also reminds me how great their snow has been this winter, which usually translates to great water levels and great fishing when summer rolls around. I know he's pumped, so how can't I be? He's got a few end of July dates available at the lodge still, so people should jump on them while they can.

I'm getting chills just thinking about it all.

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Anonymous said...

Trout for dinner fresh out of the water sounds tasty.