Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow, My Blood is Thinning!!!

58 degrees this morning, and I thought I was going to ice over. Can't imagine what's going on in the rest of the country, even though I grew up with it.

This past weekend after the Sailfly we didn't fish, unfortunately, but we certainly tried to make the most of our days off. Friday afternoon we played golf on the Hammock Course at the Ocean Reef Club, which I'm told is one of the nicer courses in South Florida.

I haven't played since I left NC in June, so I was a bit rusty, and certainly proved that on the front nine shooting a fifty-something. Yes, I was the score-keeper, and I refused to actually add it up. However, I was quite sure I knew what I was doing incorrectly, even though I lacked focus on the front to fix it.

When I stepped to the 10th tee, however, I had a little conversation with myself and proceeded to run off a 39 on the back. Typical Jekyl and Hyde round for me, I guess.

Saturday we did some shopping and preparation for Sunday's Pig Roast. That's right, what's better than a sunny day in Florida with football on TV all afternoon? Well, a sunny day, football, and a full split pig smoking on the front lawn of course.

Captain Greg did the honors, with a pig that had been marinating in Mojo (a Cuban sauce primarily made of garlic, olive oil and citrus juice). It smoked for about 6 hours over mesquite, and it was phenomenal.

We did get back to some fishing on Monday and Tuesday. A few sails, some kings, a few snapper and a triggerfish. Still lots of fish and lots of bait, just lots of fish full of bait who don't seem much interested in whatever you're tossing to them.

I'm continuing to feel more and more comfortable in my new life. It actually hit me that my sense of time seems so differnent to me now. Days used to seem very long, almost waitng for each minute to pass at work, and everything seemed to labor and drag, but before I knew it, it was July 4th, and then Labor Day, and then back to Thanksgiving and Christmas again.

Now, I get up, fish and it seems like it's 9pm and I ought to be in bed before I know it. But in the grand scheme of things, everything seems to move more slowly. New Year's and the Key West trip seem like months ago, but they were only 10 days to 2 weeks ago. Heck, I've only been here two months. Not sure what it all means, but this way certainly seems better.

Random side note: I'm officially a resident of Florida as of today.

Random side note 2: Rumor has it Little Ricky from Little Rock will be making an appearance in Florida in March, and I'll probably be lucky enough to finally meet his better half face-t0-face as well. Definitely looking forward to that if the rumor's true.


Craig Reagor said...

Pig good!

When is Little Ricky trespassing on our turf in March and Why?

Jeffrey Dickman said...

Apparently that type of information is beyond my pay grade.

The Moose did What? said...

We were trying to get to Key West ~ March 24th. Probably won't happen. 2008 Economics... That would have been nice! If Felicia suddenly starts massaging on a street corner, well, who knows! Hope all is well!