Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Nice Little Honey Buns in South Florida

Kind of switched gears fishing yesterday and focused on Yellowtail Snappers. Caught about a dozen, along with a couple of nice King Mackerels. Threw at a Sailfish as well, but he was just behind a giant school of Pilchards, so he'd probably been eating for a while.

Greg and I went to play golf today. Did my usual steady but decent blah round with a few total blow ups. Shot 88. Nice public course, though. Miccosukee, I believe.

After, we were driving down the road past the airport on our way to a tackle shop, a little 4 door Acura wagon pulls past us. Greg says, "Damn, that car is full of honey buns."

I'm thinking to myself, "Sweet, a car full of women, let's take a look."

Greg gets back up next to the car, and the back seat was literally packed full of sweet tasty treats.


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