Saturday, February 21, 2009

Been a While....

...and fortunately, it's just been a bit busy. Doing a fair amount of fishing this past week, and we've got another big week coming up.

We're catching a lot of Yellowtail Snappers these days, along with a smattering of Mutton and Mangrove Snappers and Grouper, including a 80 lb. Jewfish we released last week, and a bunch of nice Kingfish.

We caught two sailfish yesterday, which was great, only it was a couple of days late for a woman's sailfish tournament we fished on Wednesday, when we struck out on the sails as we missed our only two sail bites of the day. It only took two fish to win the tournament, though.

We've been fishing a lot with our kites lately, and it's led to some amazing top water bites. During the Sailfish Tournament, Greg shouted, "Slammer coming on the right short." (A nice sized Dolphin is often referred to as a "Slammer" or a "Gaffer," I'm quickly learning) I look over at the bait only to see the Dolphin thirty feet away. It swam another 20 feet toward the bait before shooting 4 feet out of the water and flying the last 10 feet to crash directly down on the bait. It was very cool to see. Hopefully just a precursor more exciting things to come.

There's definitely a lot to look forward to coming up. Sounds like a group of good friends will be down the third week in March, which I'm looking forward to, then off to the Bahamas for six or seven weeks at the end of March through mid-May. There's even rumors of TV episode being shot on our boat for a couple of days while we're there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Would be too much fun.

Hope all's well with everyone out there.

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